Cooperative Care
Train Your Dog For Daily Health Care and Veterinary Procedures

We Can Help You Prepare For

Grooming & Nail Trimming

Crate Training & Car Traveling

Fitting & Using Training/Safety Gear

Temperature Taking & Anal Gland Expression

Oral & Topical Medication Delivery

Vaccinations & Blood Draws

Examination & Restraint

Proactive Training for Emergency Care


We use animal-friendly training techniques to engage your pet in his own health and veterinary care. Enjoy a cooperative patient!

Low-stress procedures improve safety for your pet and his handlers, and also ensure that your pet will participate in future care.

Training occurs in your home or on "field trips" at your groomer or vet.

Our fantastic trainers are also experienced veterinary technicians or veterinary students.

We use desensitization, classical conditioning, and positive reinforcement training to help your animal enjoy his care routine.

Cooperative care lowers stress, improves behavior, and allows your dog to receive the best veterinary care!

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