17 Jun

Cooperative Care

We’re excited to bring cooperative care training to you and your pets! 

Cooperative care uses positive training to engage your pet in his own basic health care and veterinary procedures. This lowers his stress, allows him to receive the best care possible, and improves safety both for him and the staff attending to him. Your vet will thank you!

Cooperative care encompasses a wide range of skills for which you proactively train and prepare your pet. Some are everyday skills – riding in the car, getting nails trimmed, and putting on a harness. Others are designed to help you prepare for an emergency – muzzle training, jugular blood draws, and restraint.

Preventative training is very powerful, and teaching puppies and kittens these procedures early on will pay off in the long run. However, we can also step in and help when your dog needs immediate attention, such as training to accept an eye cream, or if he already has negative associations – as is often the case with nail trimming.

We can see you in-home for training sessions, and we’ll also arrange field trips to your vet or groomer. Ask your vet if they host us – we offer group discounts!

We use a combination of desensitization, counter conditioning, and operant training exercises to teach your dog that he can choose to work with us – and that is can even be fun!


Special thanks to our trainers, Rae Richardson (third year veterinary student), and Laska Carter (CPDT-KA, Certified Veterinary Technician), for their enthusiasm and expertise.



Also thanks to Pickles for the inspiration to launch this program.

Visit our cooperative care page at http://www.fetchmpls.com/care

Looking for more? A lot of our work is based on Dr. Sophia Yin‘s work in low stress handling and medical procedure preparation for pets.

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