About Katie Grillaert CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, CBATI

Welcome! I’m excited to talk dogs with you, especially since many loved ones in my life have gently and firmly encouraged me to discuss other topics of interest when attending public and private gatherings. One of my favorite things to do is give seminars, because everyone there really wants me to talk about dogs for two hours. (How fantastic!)

I’ll admit that one of my weaknesses is making time to sit down and write. Therefore, I am now in the process of testing my new reinforcement system, wherein I earn 10 minutes of time on PetFinder for every 30 minutes blogging.

I currently live with a Border Collie / Australian Cattle Dog mix, Oliver, a pit bill mix, Ela, and the world’s tiniest black cat, Niah. If she were allowed in the house, I could also say that I live with an Anglo-Arabian mare, Sicily. Due to the above mentioned writing system, this head-count is open to change.

I have pursued professional certifications in dog training and behavior consulting:

In addition to dog training, I work with horses. You can visit Rhythmos Equine Development for more information.

Animal rescue and volunteer work are incredibly important to me. You’ll find me volunteering with rescues and pet nonprofits in Minneapolis and St. Paul, including Save-a-Bull Rescue and Secondhand Hounds. My business also participates in Give to the Max Day and other financial fundraisers for groups such as MN Spay Neuter Assistance Project and The Pet Project.

I’m most passionate about education – I would love to one day see a world where no animal loses its home due to a preventable behavior issue.

I think the relationship between a human and another animal is magical – be it or mouse or horse – and I love helping others discover a deep relationship and grow with their pet.



Ela and Oliver



Thanks for stopping by! If you have questions, need training or behavior help, or would like to read about a certain topic, just drop a line!


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