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Our Focus

We specialize in problem prevention and resolution. From either end of the spectrum, our focus is to give you a dog that you love to live with.
Puppy Training
Puppy Raising
The first 16 weeks of puppyhood are critical to the development of your companion. Our comprehensive care will help you navigate socialization, obedience,and manners. We go beyond average puppy training - we install crucial problem prevention methods that will pay off for years to come.
Manners and Obedience
Great manners make a dog a welcome guest and trusted family member. Whether your dog is old or young, we can help you improve your communication and find a peaceful partnership.
Aggression and Behavior Modification
Our behavior consultants are uniquely equipped to solve aggression issues that other trainers struggle with. We are a City of Minneapolis approved dog trainer for training dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs.
  • Reactive Dog Walking
  • Socialization
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Resource Guarding
  • Shyness and Fearfulness
  • Assistance Dog Training
  • Problem Prevention and Screening
  • New: Cooperative Care Training for Veterinary Procedures and Grooming with our CVT/Vet Student trainers.

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    Our diverse service options ensure your needs are met.
    Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT)

    BAT is a powerful and empowering method for rehabilitation of fear, reactivity, and aggression. We're home to MN's only certified BAT instructor!

    We Train While You're Away

    Let our trainers do the heavy lifting while you are at work. Just leave us a key, and we'll work with your dog.

    Advanced Behavior Modification Programs

    We design individual programs for students with serious behavioral issues. May include appointments with the veterinary behaviorist.

    Distance Coaching

    If there is not a qualified professional in your area, we offer a unique distance coaching arrangement using email, tutorials, and video sharing.


    We hold weekly playgroups in Minneapolis for puppies under 18 weeks of age and small breeds under 20 lbs.

    Distraction Workshops

    Does your training fall apart when you leave the house? Practice individual skills under the guidance of our trainer.


    We mentor aspiring trainers, and expand and polish the skill set of behavior consultants. We also help trainers prepare for their CBATI examination.

    Case Consulting

    Two brains are better than one! We provide consulting services to professionals who are working with challenging dogs.

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    About Us

    We can help you live well with your dog, today.
    Real results. Happy dogs. Happy people.
    • Recommended by Veterinarians
      Dr. Terri A. Derr DVM Veterinarian Behavior

      When I was Director of Behavior for Foster My Pet, we piloted a program called The Behavior Crew. The mission of The Crew was to provide humane, effective training and behavior advice to low-income households. Our volunteer trainers had to pass a written test and provide references before they could work with our clients. Katie came highly recommended and proved to be one of our best trainers. As supervisor of the program I had the pleasure of working directly with Katie; I was able to see firsthand her talent, her knowledge of dog behavior, and most importantly, her ability to teach her behavior clients. Although The Behavior Crew did not last long, my relationship with Katie has continued. I am still impressed by her training ability and her commitment to improving the lives of people and their dogs.

    • People's Choice
      Kim Carrier The Pet Project Twin Cities Animal Food Shelf Medical Care Low Cost Veterinary Clinics

      Fetch Dog Training and Behavior has been great for lots of dogs with dog aggression. When appropriate, they use the BAT training method, which, in my opinion, is a great way to recondition particular behaviors. They've been a fabulous resource for many of my friends. I've used them, with great success, for some behavior issues with one of my own dogs.

      Kim Carrier
    • Dogs of a Good Society
      Dogs of a Good Society

      Fetch Dog Training and Behavior is an approved trainer for D.O.G.S.'s Spencer Scholarship for dogs in rescue.

      D.O.G.S. is a fabulous resource for rescues, providing, advocacy, education, training, supplies, funding, self-care awareness, and more.

    • Trusted by Professionals
      Molly Sumner Dog Trainer Dog Behavior Consultant

      There are not enough words to describe Katie Grillaert's talents and expertise in working with animals. She is the whole package. She is a trainer that truly understands not just how to train your animal, but also why behaviors happen and works hard to prevent problems before they start. And if you are past prevention and need immediate assistance with a serious problem, you can rest assured that Fetch Dog Training and Behavior has a solution with both you and your dog's well-being in mind. I would trust my own dogs to Katie anytime, hands down!

      Molly Sumner


      Kindred Companions LLC

    • Rescue Approved
      Jake and Lacy Schramm Save-a-Bull Rescue Minnesota Pit Bulls

      Fetch Dog Training and Behavior has been a wonderful resource to Save-a-Bull Rescue over the years, by providing basic obedience classes for foster dogs as well as hosting informative lectures, and creating training videos for our fosters to improve their skills. Fetch has also helped some of our fosters who were having trouble managing their dogs by customizing BAT training sessions for them. They have also helped tremendously with separation anxiety as our rescued dogs adjust to their new homes. Save-A-Bull confidently refers adopters to Fetch for their training needs.

      Jake Schramm
    • Community Involvement

      Supporting our community is super important to all of us at Fetch. You'll find us conducting classes, teaching seminars, and volunteering with several pet non-profits in the Twin Cities.

      We began the initiative Fetch-for-Fosters to prepare foster dogs for a happy life with their future forever family.
      Our rescue and shelter partners receive low-cost training from trainers in our behavior mentorship program. We also provide phone/email support to the adoptive family during the first two weeks of transition period following adoption.
  • American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior
    American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

    We strive to embody the principles of humane and effective treatment of animals and their behavior as set forth by AVSAB. We support their official position statements in our practice.

  • Least Invasive Minimally Aversive (LIMA) and Progressive Reinforcement

    We adhere to the principle of LIMA as outlined by the IAABC.

    We always strive to intentionally disclude the use of fear, pain, and force from our training and interactions with our animals. Emily Larlham's Progressive Reinforcement Manifesto describes this philosophy in depth.

    • Certified Behavior Consultant Canine Knowledge Assessed Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers
    • Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers
    • Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor BAT Empowered Animals Grisha Stewart
    • Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science Scientific Membership
    • Association of Professional Dog Trainers
    • CATCH Dog Trainers Academy Professional Dog Trainer Mentor
    • Pet Professional Guild Force Free Dog Training
    • Animal Building Blocks Academy Professional Member

    Our Team

    Meet our team of training and behavior specialists.

    Custom Programs

    Our unique approach provides you with exactly the right plan for success.
    We're always here for you.
      • Our experienced professionals design programs to fit your budget and your goals.
      • Multi-media instruction and consistent communication with your trainer guarantee progress.
      • We'll guide you through behavior problem prevention, adolescence and maturity, and rescue/shelter dog adjustment.

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